X11 Utilities

xwacomd.tar.xz (Updated May 27 2024)

Xwacomd is a simple X11 user daemon for wacom(4) hot-plug (usb, bluetooth) pen tablet devices, created to avoid the udev⇒xsetwacom hassle. It listens for X's input device hierarchy change events, reads per-device (type or name) configuration data from ~/.xwacomrc, and sets up attached devices accordingly. It also provides a device and battery status widget. It is still in a somewhat experimental shape right now, and also Linux only.

xpickrgb.tar.xz (Updated Sep 02 2023)

RGB color picker for X11. Displays a gradient to pick from and places the color value into primary X selection, optionally printing it to stdout.

xc-core-hr.tar.xz (Updated Jan 02 2024)

Sharp-edged (as in non-blurry) X11 cursor theme. Based on original core cursors appearance, in two sizes (24 and 32 px) which work well for screens around 100 to 150 DPI. See the included README for details.

xbackdrop.tar.xz (Updated Jan 15 2024)

Xbackdrop is a command line utility for setting the X root window background color, colored bitmap pattern or image.

Patches and Tweaks

nedit-classic-xft.tar.xz (Updated Oct 09 2021)

Tweaked NEdit (the one with Motif GUI). Antialiased text with Xft (build with: "make linux-xft" or "make freebsd-xft"), and other minor tweaks. Note that fonts set in an existing ~/.nedit/nedit.rc are XLFDs and will not be loaded properly, hence XFT style (name-size[:attribute]) names need to be specified in the Preferences->Text Fonts... dialog (there is no browser yet).

dticon.tar.xz (Updated Feb 16 2023)

A stand-alone and somewhat modified version of CDE's dticon pixmap editor. It's the only pixmap editor with the support for Motif's palette of symbolic colors and hot spots, hence handy for making GUI graphics and mouse pointers.

GLwMDrawA.tar.xz (Updated Mar 18 2018)

SGI's OpenGL widget (GLwMDrawingArea) for Motif. Is it still distributed with Mesa? Anyhow... here it is.

CDE Utilities

cde-icons.tar.xz (Updated Oct 09 2021)

A set of generic file-type and application icons adhering to the CDE spec.

dtgtkrcgen.xz (Never Updated)

Uses the active CDE color scheme to generate a GTK+2 gtkrc file (doesn't do anything for GTK3 and later, obviously).

dtwinlist.tar.xz (Never Updated)

Solaris' sdtwinlst clone (works on CDE only, and I haven't looked at the code for ages).

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