Enhanced Motif Window Manager

EMWM is a fork of the Motif Window Manager with fixes and enhancements. The idea behind this is to provide compatibility with current xorg extensions and applications, without changing the way the window manager looks and behaves. This includes support for multi-monitor setups trough Xinerama/Xrandr, UFT-8 support with Xft fonts, and overall better compatibility with software that requires Extended Window Manager Hints.

Additionally a couple of goodies are available in the separate utilities package: XmToolbox, a toolchest like application launcher, which reads it's multi-level menu structure from a simple plain-text file ~/.toolboxrc, and XmSm, a simple session manager that provides session configuration, locking and shutdown/suspend options.


Latest: EMWM: emwm-src.tar.xz • Utilities: emwm-utils-src.tar.xz (Updated on Apr 12, 2022).
Stable: EMWM: emwm-src-1.0a.tar.xz • Utilities: emwm-utils-src-1.0.tar.xz

Note on MWM compatibility: Initially EMWM used same configuration files and X resources as MWM, this needed to change in order to avoid conflicts. Future releases will only recognize Emwm class in X resources, mwmrc becomes emwmrc also.

Latest Changes (since Sep 4, 2021):

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Git repository and release archive are accessible through the sourceforge project page.

See the included README file for build instructions. Everything is usually tested on FreeBSD and some sort of GNU/Linux. If you have a question that isn't answered in the FAQ or Manpages, feel free to contact me (Alex): mail(at)fastestcode.org




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