Image Viewer and Browser for Unix/X11

Ximaging is a lightweight, multithreaded, open source image viewer for FreeBSD, Linux and other Unix like platforms running X11. The application can be run in viewer or browser mode. The viewer displays full size images and provides zooming, panning, rotation and other useful functions. The browser searches a directory for known image file types and displays them as thumbnails. Additionally both modes provide basic file management routines. A custom tool may be specified for opening selected files in another application for editing.

It is written in C, and uses the Motif widget toolkit. The source code may be modified and distributed under the terms of the X/MIT license.


Latest Stable (Feb 22 2023): ximaging-src-1.7.tar.xz

You can support the author via Liberapay if you find the software useful.

Changes since last release:

Complete history: ximaging-changes.txt

See the included README file for build instructions. Everything is usually tested on FreeBSD and some sort of GNU/Linux. If you have a question that isn't answered in the manpage, feel free to contact me (Alex):

Git repository and release archive are available on sourceforge and also github.


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