XImaging - Graphics Browser And Viewer

XImaging is a miltithreaded image viewer for Unix and alike platforms. The application is comprised of two components, a browser that displays miniature previews of images within a directory, and a viewer that can be used to view images in full size as well as zoom in and out, scroll and rotate them.

Basic file management functions, copy, move and delete, are accessible from the browser as well as the viewer, so images can be organized quickly. A custom tool for editing may be called up for the currently viewed/selected image. XImaging is fully customizable with X resources, since its user interface is built upon the Motif toolkit.

Optionally the application may be built with Common Desktop Environment/ToolTalk support.

XImaging is free, open source software distributed under the MIT license.


Browser and viewer running under CDE. Click for full size.

ximaging ximaging viewer


Latest release: ximaging-1.3-src.tar.xz (updated Aug 8, 2018)

Tested at least on FreeBSD and some GNU/Linux. See the README file for build instructions.


A HTML formatted manpage (may not be up-to-date) is available here: ximaging(1)

Other Releases

Earlier releases of XImaging are available on SourceForge. Visit the XImaging project page here: http://sourceforge.net/p/ximaging

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