Window Manager And Utilities

EMWM is the Motif Window Manager with fixes and enhancements. The idea behind this is to provide compatibility with latest X features and applications, without changing the way the window manager looks and behaves.

In a nutshell this includes support for multi-monitor setups (Xinerama) and handling of a subset of Enhanced Window Manager Hints (EWMH).

In addition, an application launcher and a simple session manager are included, which all together make up a minimalist desktop environment.

Additional Utilities

XmToolbox is a multi-level menu acting as an application launcher. It reads the menu structure from a simple plain-text file ~/.toolboxrc.

XmSm is a simple session manager that provides session configuration and locking.


XmSm is normally started by the accompanying xmsession initialization script that sets up the environment, redirects stdout and stderror to ~/.xmsession.log, loads ~/.Xresources, sources ~/.Xprofile and finally starts xmsm. The xmsession script itself should be invoked either by a display and login manager like xdm, or the xinit utility.

~/.Xprofile is the startup file for X sessions and analogous to the ~/.profile file where user specific environment variables may be set, but no interactive programs should be run, since they will block the script execution until they exit. For this purpose there is ~/.sessionetc, which may contain a list of programs, which xmsm will run at startup after launching the toolbox and the window manager.


Toolbox Clients


Latest emwm and utilities source tarball: emwm-1.0-src.tar.xz (updated on Nov 28, 2018)

Everything is usually tested on FreeBSD and some GNU/Linux. See the README file for build instructions.

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