X11 RGB color picker. Displays a gradient to pick from and places the color value into primary X selection, optionally printing it to stdout.
X11 cursor theme. Same look as core cursors but higher resolution (24 and 32 px).
Tweaked NEdit (the one with Motif GUI). Antialiased text with Xft (build with: "make linux-xft" or "make freebsd-xft"), and other minor tweaks. No time for the font selector dialog, so fc-match(1) style font names must be typed in Preferences->TextFonts directly.
SGI's OpenGL widget (GLwMDrawingArea) for Motif. No idea if it's still being maintained as a part of something (MESA?), but anyway, here it is.
A set of generic file-type and application icons (genuine pixel art :) adhering to the CDE spec.
Solaris' *sdtwinlst* clone (works on CDE only, and I haven't looked at the code for ages).
Dtksh script. Takes the active CDE color palette and generates a GTK+2 gtkrc file. (Does nothing for GTK+3 and beyond, obviously...)

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