XFile - File manager for Unix/X11

XFile is a compact file manager for Unix and alike systems running X11. It presents the file system as is, without imaginary locations, trashcans etc. XFile uses its own file type/association database in typical Unix/RC like syntax, which is easily editable. Mounting support for file systems defined in fstab, and integration with mount daemons that manage a dedicated media directory is also included.

XFile is easily configurable and customizable with X resources. The Tools dropdown menu can be populated with user defined commands, which may be run with selected files, current directory and user specified parameters as arguments.

The application has no dependencies, save for X and Motif, and is built using simple Makefiles. It's written in C, and the source code is freely available under the terms of the X/MIT license.


Latest source code: xfile-src-1.0-beta.tar.xz (Updated on Aug 23 2023).

Note that the application hasn't been quite thoroughly tested yet, though it is being actively used.

Addon: xfile-xdgsvc-src.tar.xz A shim that allows xfile to act as xdg/freedesktop default file manager and be launched over dbus (such interface is used by some GTK programs, notably firefox and gimp). See the README file included.

See the FAQ/Guide for hints on setting up XFile.

You can support the author via Liberapay if you find the software useful.

See the included README file for build instructions. The application is usually tested on FreeBSD and some sort of GNU/Linux. If you have a question that isn't answered in the manpage, feel free to contact me (Alex): mail(at)fastestcode.org

Git repository and release archive are available on sourceforge and also github.


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