Tools and Utilities


DtWinlist is a graphical window management tool for the CDE. It displays a list of currently open applications. Any window manager action may be executed on selected windows from within DtWinlist.

It is similar to that of the proprietary sdtwinlst tool, which Sun Microsystems used to ship with their custom CDE distribution.



Source code (MIT licensed): dtwinlist-1.3-src.tar.xz. Also available on

A HTML formatted manpage (may not be up-to-date) is available here: dtwinlist(1)


An X11 Color picker, the only one with no widget toolkit dependencies ;) Writes selected color values, either as rgb(r/g/b) or #RRGGBB, to the stdout, it's useful for picking colors right into a text editor (e.g. :r !xpickrgb -q in vi).


Download source code (MIT licensed): xpickrgb.tar.xz

Shell/Dtksh Scripts


A dtksh based application launcher that captures the stdout/err output of the executed program, if the later exits with a non-zero value, and displays it in a message dialog. This is useful for launching apps, which only report errors to stdout/err (e.g. Xpdf), without spawning a terminal window.

Download: dtexecw.xz


A gtkrc file generator for GTK+2. It takes the active CDE color palette and generates an appropriate gtkrc file, while tweaking some usability parameters as well. KornShell script. Read comments in the file for details.

Download: dtgtkrcgen.xz

Media Files

CDE Icons

Application, file system, document and miscellaneous icon pixmaps About 40 icon sets, adhering CDE specs (large, small & medium sizes).


Download: cde-icons.tar.xz

X11 Cursors

X11 cursor theme that is based on original X cursors sized to suit better for higher resolution displays.


Download: xcursors.tar.xz


SGI's OpenGL widget (GLwMDrawingArea) for Motif applications. Source and manpages: GLwMDrawA.tar.xz

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