Utilities and Tools for X/CDE/Unix



An X HSV Color picker, the only one with no widget toolkit dependencies ;) Writes selected color values, either as rgb(r/g/b) or #RRGGBB, to the stdout, it's useful for picking colors right into a text editor (e.g. :r !xpickrgb -q in vi). [Screenshot].

Download: xpickrgb.tar.xz

Shell/Dtksh Scripts


A dtksh based application launcher that captures the stdout/err output of the executed program, if the later exits with a non-zero value, and displays it in a message dialog. This is useful for launching apps, which only report errors to stdout/err (e.g. Xpdf), without spawning a terminal window.

Download: dtexecw.xz


A gtkrc file generator for GTK+2. It takes the active CDE color palette and generates an appropriate gtkrc file, while tweaking some usability parameters as well. KornShell script. Read comments in the file for details.

Download: dtgtkrcgen.xz

Media Files

CDE Icons

Application, file system, document and miscellaneous icon pixmaps About 40 icon sets, adhering CDE specs (large, small & medium sizes). [Example]

Download: cde-icons.tar.xz

X11 Cursors

X11 cursor theme that is based on vanila X cursors sized to suit better for higher resolution displays. [Picture].

Download: xcursors.tar.xz


SGI's OpenGL widget (GLwMDrawingArea) for Motif applications. Source and manpages: GLwMDrawA.tar.xz

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