XMSM(1) General Commands Manual XMSM(1)


xmsm/xmsession - X session manager


xmsm [options]
xinit xmsession
xdm -session xmsession


XMSM is a Motif based session manager for EMWM. In provides screen locking, workspace configuration settings and shutdown options. It is also responsible for starting the window manager, the application launcher and other, user defined applications.


XMSM is normally started by the accompanying xmsession initialization script that sets up the environment, redirects stdout and stderr to ~/.xmsession.log, loads ~/.Xresources and sources ~/.Xprofile before running the session manager.
The xmsession script itself should be invoked either by a display/login manager like xdm, or the xinit utility.
~/.Xprofile is the startup file for X sessions and analogous to the ~/.profile file where user specific environment variables may be set.

~/.sessionetc is a shell script that is processed in a separate shell, launched by the session manager, and may be used to automatically start user-specific programs.


blankOnLock Boolean
Immediately activate X screen saver in blanking mode when screen lock is user engaged. Default is True.
blankTimeOut Seconds
Period of inactivity after which X screen saver is activated in blanking mode. Set to 0 to disable blanking. Default is 480 seconds. See also: lockTimeOut.
enableLocking Boolean
Enable screen locking capability. Default is True.
numLockState ON|OFF|KEEP
Set the keyboard NumLock state. Default is KEEP.
workspaceBackgroundColor Color
Background color of the root window.
workspaceBackgroundImage File Name
An image to be used as tiled background on the root window. Also see the IMAGE FILES section.
lockBackgroundColor Color
Background color of the screen lock.
lockBackgroundImage File Name
An image to be used as a tiled background on the lock screen. Also see the IMAGE FILES section.
lockTimeOut Seconds
Period of inactivity after which screen lock is engaged. Set to 0 to disable timed locking. Default is 600 seconds. See also: blankTimeOut.
unlockScreenTimeOut Seconds
Period on inactivity after which the password input dialog on the lock screen is hidden. It appears again as soon as user activity is detected.
primaryXineramaScreen Integer
Index of a xinerama screen to be used for input and message dialogs.
showShutdown Boolean
Show the Shutdown option in the exit options dialog. Default is True.
showReboot Boolean
Show the Reboot option in the exit options dialog. Default is True.
windowManager Executable File Name
Window manager executable name. Default is mwm.
launcher Executable File Name
Launcher executable name. Default is xmtoolbox.


Any image file formats supported by the Motif widget toolkit may be specified. At the time of writing these include X pixmap/bitmap, PNG and JPEG images.
X Bitmaps are drawn by coloring white bits in the specified background color (workspace/lockBackgroundColor resources) and black bits in a darker shade of that color.


SIGUSR1 signal engages the screen lock immediately.
SIGTERM signal is handled by presenting a shutdown options dialog
to the user.




The xmsm binary must be setuid root for screen locking to work, however it discards root privileges at startup and restores them only for short periods of runtime to fetch user's password.
XMSM does not implement the ICCCM session save/restore protocol.
The X screen saver extension is used for timed locking and blanking, but there are no graphical screensavers provided by XMSM.


xmwm(1) xmtoolbox(1)


XMSM was written and is maintained by alx@fastestcode.org