DTWINLIST(1) General Commands Manual DTWINLIST(1)


dtwinlist - Window management tool for the Common Desktop Environment.


dtwinlist [ -f gotowindow|getwindow ] [ -s state|title|workspace|application ] [ -a ]


dtwinlist is a window management tool for CDE. It displays a list of application windows running on current display. Detailed information about window state and workspace it resides in is provided. Various window management tasks can be performed from within dtwinlist.


Occupy all workspaces. See occupyAllWorkspaces in RESOURCES section.
-f gotowindow|getwindow
Specify double-click action. See doubleClickAction in RESOURCES section.
-s state|title|application|workspace
Specify which column is used to sort items. See sortBy in RESOURCES section.


Every list entry consists of a 3-state (viewable, unviewable, iconified) indicator icon, window title, application name and list of workspaces occupied. To perform a task on a client window, select one or more items in the list and choose a function from the Window menu (see below).
Certain functions can be executed on a single client window only, these functions are grayed out when multiple windows are selected in the list.
Go To Window
Brings selected window to the foreground, switching to the workspace it resides in if necessary, and focuses it.
Get Window
Brings selected window to the current workspace and to the foreground and focuses it.
Moves the selected window to the bottom of the window stack.
Iconifies the selected windows.
Closes the selected windows.
Terminate Application
Displays a confirmation message and terminates the application that owns the selected window.
Move To Workspace
Moves the selected windows to the specified workspace.
Occupy Workspace
Brings up the worskpace selection dialog and places the selected windows in chosen workspaces.
Unoccupy Workspace
Removes selected windows from the current workspace.


In addition to common X/Motif options, following options can be set in the Dtwinlist app-defaults file:
doubleClickAction gotowindow|getwindow
Specify whether a double click on a list item moves the window to current workspace or switches to the workspace the window resides in. Default is gotowindow.
occupyAllWorkspaces Boolean
Specifies whether dtwinlist window should occupy all workspaces.
sortBy state|title|application|workspace
Specify which column is used to sort the list items. Default is title.