DtWinlist - A Window Management Tool

DtWinlist is a graphical window management tool for the CDE. It displays a list of currently open application shells, including their title, class, state and the workspace they reside on. Furthermore, any window manager action, like minimizing, restoring, moving to another workspace, or terminating an application, may be executed on selected windows from within DtWinlist.

It's appearance and functionality is similar to that of the proprietary sdtwinlst tool, which Sun Microsystems used to ship with their custom CDE distribution.

DtWinlist is free, open-source software distributed under the terms of the MIT license.


Latest Version

This is the source code of the latest revision of DtWinlist, it is usually tested at least on FreeBSD and some GNU/Linux.



Dtwinlist running under CDE. Click for full size.

dtwinlist dtwinlist menu


A HTML formatted manpage (may not be up-to-date) is available here: dtwinlist(1)

Other Releases

Earlier releases of DtWinlist are available on SourceForge. Visit the project page here: http://sourceforge.net/p/dtwinlist

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